All three members of the leadership team are accomplished speakers and available for engagements and conferences.


 Dr. Bob Roberts is the main spokesman for and has spoken to hundreds of churches, and thousands of individuals all over the world.  He has spoken to many organizations all over the world.


Omar Reyes is a gifted speaker that blends spiritual truth with practical application. As the leader of’s training and equipping area, he has great experience in implementing and leading church engagements in local and global communities in the public square. As the Glocal Impact Pastor for Northwood Church, e brings specific knowledge and experience to church leaders seeking to release their members for service.


Tom McGehee is a passionate speaker and expert in cultural and organizational change.  As a business professional, his experience and example of being released as a domain leader brings a valuable perspective to church members.  He has worked with hundreds of churches and has great insight into the process and approaches needed for successful change.