Global Collaboration Communities

Global Collaboration Communities (GCCs) are’s main model to connect, facilitate and equip churches to release their members through the domains of society and build relationships with people of other faiths.

The current focus areas of our GCCs are domain engagement and multifaith.  In the past 4 years, we’ve conducted communities in places such as Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia, the UK and the United States.

GCCs last 18 to 24 months with leaders meeting together in collaboration sessions every 6 months.  Each session lasts three to four days and includes training, collaboration forums, relationship building and action planning.  Each GCC is designed to meet the goals and objectives of the leaders involved.

Key outcomes of GCCs include:

  • Stronger relationships, greater ownership and more accountability
  • Improved understanding and development of a broader context for the tasks at hand
  • High degree of learning and grasp of practical applications
  • Development of detailed actions and next steps
  • Creation of sustainable capabilities for the groups involved
  • Access to resources and support during and after the engagement

Additional outcomes from domain engagement focused GCCs are:

  • Greater understanding of domains and how a church can release its members to better serve in the public square
  • Integration of domain thinking into the preaching and teaching of the church
  • Development of church staff as catalysts, and integration with the other aspects of their church
  • Development of domain leaders to plan and manage projects
  • Development of a fully integrated plan
  • Exploration of how domain engagement is enhanced by multifaith

Additional outcomes from multi-faith focused GCCs are:

  • Deeper understanding of multifaith and how to relate to people of other faith
  • Connection and active relationship development with other faith leaders in the local community
  • Identification of multifaith projects
  • Training for the church staff and teaching for the main body of the church
  • Exploration of how multifaith is fueled by domain engagement


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