City & Nation Engagement works with churches to help them “release” their members to work within the community through the domains of society, and to incorporate people of other faiths by creating opportunities for service.

Domains are the infrastructure that society is built upon.  They are where a person works or spends the majority of his or her time.  It is our view that the church is not a domain in itself but rather that disciples should express the church as they live and work in their respective domains.

This perspective enables the church staff to act as catalysts to release their members for individual and group service. It creates almost unlimited value for the church to bring to society because its programs or projects no longer limit it.  Instead, the church staff works to equip members for service by engaging its members and the society it serves.

The domains of society include: works with its partners to create opportunities for domain engagement.  Using our Global Collaboration Communities (GCCs) model, we help churches understand, plan and implement efforts in their church, their community and around the world by connect them to opportunities and equipping them for transformative domain engagement.