Romans 12:1 I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. 2 Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. ESV

 Transformation is a process.  It isn’t the same as “confession” where we make a statement or ask forgiveness and enact an instantaneous state.  Paul tells us to be transformed.  A butterfly is transformed.  It has to go in a cocoon and it takes time.  All of us are constantly being transformed; it’s not a static process – for good or bad.  Notice he says transformation takes place in the mind.  It takes time to see our mind transformed.  It has had certain grooves put into it by media, by others, by our experiences.  Our mind is not to be merely left to itself to develop but there must be an intentional process of training, formatting, cleaning, creating new ways of thinking.  It’s an ongoing process, it’s a daily process.  Most of us are involuntarily indoctrinated by what is taking place around us.  If we don’t line it up with God’s Word and truth we will wind up “converted” and yet “unchanged.”  Yes, I know that isn’t

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Awarded Friendship Medal Vietnam


This past December, Nikki and I along with our daughter Jill and her husband Lee traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam so that I could be awarded the Friendship Medal from the Vietnamese Government. They generally give out one a year – I’m pretty sure I’m the first pastor they gave it to! It’s given to someone who benefits Vietnam, has a history there, and is a “goodwill” Ambassador. This award is given by the President of Vietnam but must be signed off on by the General Secretary and the Prime Minister. It was started by Ho Chi Mihn in the 1960’s. The reality is it wasn’t really for me, but for NorthWood Church for starting the NGO, Glocal Ventures, Inc. Since 1995 close to 3,000 members and volunteers have traveled there using their jobs to serve the people. Millions of dollars have been spent and lose to a hundred different projects have been done.

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A few years ago, the primary conversation among church planters and pastors was how the church in the U.S. needs to be “reinvented” so it will grow again.  I’ve seen many things in the past 30 years, from expository preaching trends, to worship trends, to unique generational churches, to prototypes be they seeker or purpose driven – and now missional.  Yet, the reality is all of these trends were driven at how to grow or jump start the church once again.  Most centered on how to communicate clearly with excellence or building relationships of intimacy – all those things are good and will always be good.   Many brought necessary adjustments to the church, but for the most part responses were more tribal than transformative across culture.

Without an understanding of culture and where things are – all of those things are useless and can actually become counterproductive.  A couple of decades ago Barna began to write about the increasingly irrelevance of the church in the lives of people in the U.S.  Yet, two expressions of the church have gained momentum.  One is the mega-church – focusing on religious goods and services, at the opposite end of the field are the missional-church focusing on relationships.  In the middle ground everyone else is trying to figure out what to do pulling from everyone.  In my opinion, none of these are effectively addressing sociological issues that are now impacting the church dramatically.

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 The time is getting close for the next Turbo Training!  November 12th, 2015 at Northwood Church.

Some of you are asking, “What is a Turbo Training?” 

Turbo Training is our one-day, general overview of our Church Planting, City Engaging and Global Engagement. It is designed for pastors, denominational leaders, church planters and half timers alike who want to learn how to plant more churches and also engage locally and globally more effectively. There are 4 components to our training:

  • Kingdom: We start where Jesus started. He spoke 80 times on the kingdom and 2 times about church.
  • Disciples: Re-defining disciples from learn, go and grow to Hear and obey
  • Society: Domains are keys that unlock both the church and cities
  • Church: The importance of the three dimensions of church

“We know things have changed and the church is grappling for answers. Doing the same old things and expecting different results is and will always be insanity. We live in a time where we must think and do things differently or we die. Just tinkering with the house and remodeling it will not suffice we must go back to the foundation and build a whole new way. We believe that KDSC is the DNA of a whole new way”.

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There is always the need of wisdom, elders, and sage advice.  I have five spiritual Fathers that I’m always talking to.  Without them, we are all doomed to repeating previous mistakes, getting stuck in destructive cycles or worse yet, going to seed and becoming irrelevant if not obsolete.  It isn’t easy to reach this culture and engage like it has been in days gone by.  There are many responses to it.  One is to ignore it and go about your daily routine only to wake up one day to realize the world has passed you by.  Another is to try harder doing the same thing.  Another is to go deep in the tribe.  Recently I listened to the advertisement of a big church in a major city and everyone was dressed up for church like it was 1970 – mostly white – and the idea was a safe place to believe.  Their market was not lost and non-believers, but believers who felt isolated, alone, and under attack.  That’s a funeral service in the making.  Read more



Christian, the most important thing you can do for the Gospel locally globally today is to stand up for a Muslims religious freedom in America.

My heart is sad and it’s hard for me to comprehend how far we’ve strayed from the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  That we can have mosques in 20 cities targeted for “armed” protest and there is so little outcry?  Where are the tweets and blogs from my fellow evangelical pastors?  Have we forgotten, especially those of us as Baptist that we were in the forefront fighting for religious freedom in America?  Some of our Baptist forefathers wound up in jail because we refused to minister under any authority but our own – Baptist.  It was Jefferson that came to our defense and that is how we as Baptist became some of the strongest defenders of religious freedom in the U.S. and around the world.  Read more



CHRISTIAN EVANGELICAL PASTOR apart from prayer – the most important thing you can do to help a Christian in Pakistan, Syria, or somewhere else in the Middle-East or world is to become friends with a Muslim imam!  Politicians have failed, governments have failed, and the U.N. has failed. Those of us that influence the masses of people in places of worship must step up to the challenge that is facing us all.

This isn’t theory – it’s already been practiced and it’s working.  Now it’s time to spread it.

Imam Magid Mohamed and I got to know one another a couple of years ago.  We were at a meeting of top Muslim and top Christian leaders from Pakistan.  The whole issue was that of the minority rights of the Christians, Bahi, Ahmadi, and other religious minorities in Pakistan.  As we talked it became fascinating how that religious freedom was more incumbent and more dependent on the religious minority than any other group.  We also realized that just having “preachers” talk theology wasn’t going to do a lot to deal with the issues of religious bigotry and persecution.  Read more


The world today is boiling hot in hate, violence, discrimination, and war.  Christians are literally on the brink of extinction in parts of the Middle-East and being forced out.  A true fact is that numerically, more Muslims are being slaughtered by extremist Muslims in the Middle-East than any other group.  Neither the United Nations nor governments seem to have the will or ability to address the issues.  It’s time for those of us as religious leaders to stand up, stand together, speak out, and WORK HARD against religious bigotry and for religious freedom worldwide starting right here in the good old United States of America.

Fifteen years ago I began working in the Middle-East and Near-East with Christians, Muslims, Jews and others.  Prior to that, all of my perceptions of Muslims, Arabs, and that part of the world were shaped by 2 minute news stories.  There is no way, you can understand another group by short news stories or editorializes on either side of issues where the news deals only with the most shocking or sensational stories.  I began to read broader, listen to many different news sources, and then meet people and talk to them directly.

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By: Bob Roberts, Jr.

There is not a more important role in the 21st century for peace and harmony in our world than that of the religious cleric. Peace or war is going to be driven, endorsed, promoted, justified by clerics to the masses more than any one entire group in the world. Religious leaders in the past, have felt attacked by academics, globalist, scientist, secularist, and diplomats because religion was supposed to go away – but it didn’t. Clerics of all faiths were viewed as ignorant, uneducated, simpletons and relics from another era. The world has discovered religion isn’t dead, it’s alive, and not just alive but thriving.

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Press Statement: Release From Capital Hill 12PM EST, Made by Pastor Bob Roberts and Imam Magid Mohammed

By: Bob Roberts, Jr.

My heart goes out to the families of the 4 US Marines and the Navy Sailor who lost their lives and all those injured.  There have been far too many mass shootings in our nation and sadly no longer disbelief as much as when will the next one occur.  Whether it’s a White Supremicist, an extremist Muslim, or a mentally disturbed person – it all says something is seriously wrong in our nation and no one wants to do much of anything different.  But of this I am convinced, we must come together, stand together, and not turn on one another.  The old saying “United we stand divided we fall” has never been truer.

But once again it’s as if we’ve forgotten what we were taught as children and we no longer know how to treat one another.  Our country is gripped by fear and by political polarization where we no longer know how to listen to one another, compromise, or stand up for one another.  I was so sad, when I read the Facebook posting of Franklin Graham calling for a halt to any immigration from someone who is a Muslim and to call their congressman to make it happen. This would be devastating for those wanting to be Americans, as well as creating a perception that all evangelicals have of Muslims, which is incorrect.  The majority of the mass shootings have been from non-Muslims.  Because your platform is so large, built by the faithful witness of your Father, those of us, of your tribe, must challenge you, and this kind of thinking.  This is not “evangelical” and even less evangelistic.  This is not the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus your father taught so many of us as little children.  Rhetoric like this is hurtful, incendiary, polarizing, and denies the Gospel of Jesus and instead of making people open to the Gospel, creates barriers and walls.  Read more