Blog: Forever Changed

by Daniel Langford, Youth Pastor of Northwood Church

As I read this morning about Google patenting smart contact lenses, I began to think how the ‘lens’ we view the world through changes at different times in our life. Sometimes
expected, sometimes unexpected events and moments have the power to alter our view of life dramatically. In my life, there have been three events that have radically changed my ‘lens’ in recent memory.

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by Bob Roberts Jr

I am so excited about Easter I can hardly wait!  I have special guests of a different religion who will spend this weekend with Nikki and I.  As I was thinking about him and his wife coming, I began to think about all those in the DFW area that read my blog and wanted to make sure you were invited and most welcome at   Good Friday service is at 7pm and Easter worship services at 9:30 & 11am in Keller.  There will also be a service at 5pm downtown Fort Worth at the Norris Conference Center on Houston Street beside the Reatta Restaurant.  You can visit our website to learn more about us.  Our address is 1870 Rufe Snow, Keller, Texas  76248.  Our church phone is 817-656-8150Read more

Blog: My First Multi-Faith Encounter

Guest post by Kurt Pafford

I am a white, Irish-American, southerner, Texan (United Sates), evangelical, conservative, from the tribe of faith called Baptist. I grew up in Waco, Texas, which is not a major metropolitan area, nor is it vastly diverse in world culture. Diversity in Waco could be described as white Anglo Americans, African Americans, and Mexican Americans living in different socio-economic zip codes. Invisible lines separated the neighborhoods and where you lived was determined by the color of your skin. This was not by our own personal choices. It was the social construct of our society. Those lines existed long before my family lived there.
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Blog: What the World Taught Me About My Neighborhood

by Jill Roberts

I grew up in a family that passionately values the world. From an early age my parents made it a priority that I cultivated an understanding of the world, and I am grateful for the opportunities they gave me to see and experience it. Whether we brought gifts to the homeless shelters at Christmas, had representatives from every continent sitting around our Thanksgiving table year to year, or took off as a family to spend the summer in Vietnam, building unique relationships became part of who we were as a family and shaped my worldview. There is a greater depth of understanding that takes place when young people are exposed to these aspects of the kingdom that extends beyond a cultural experience. Here are the five most significant things that the world has taught me about my own neighborhood:  Read more

Blog: Take The Log Out Of Your Eye

by Omar Reyes

“…take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7:5)

I was born the son of a Hispanic father and a Palestinian mother in a small British Colony named British Honduras in Central America better known today as Belize. I grew up Catholic but later converted to Christianity through Canadian Missionaries. They educated me through High school and handed me over to a Jesuit priest from England for my undergraduate studies at Saint John’s College in Belize City. After two years in college, at age 19, I got the news that my green card had arrived and that the United States had officially accepted me and given me the status of a legal resident alien. That meant that I had all the privileges of an American Citizen except voting. I even had the exceptional privilege of joining the US Military.  I served six years in the US Marine Corps and the rest is history. Thirty years (or so) and four kids later life continues here in the United States of America.

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by Bob Roberts Jr

Easter is that time of year when everyone comes to church.  Not necessarily because they believe in God or follow the faith – but because there is something in their background spiritually, culturally, or religiously that makes them come.  I’m not discounting the fact that the Holy Spirit works to bring people who find him – the Spirit does!  But, we will all have the biggest day of the year in a couple of Sundays.  The Sunday after that, there will be some that return, but in most cases it will be nothing like the previous week – until next year!  Read more


By Bob Roberts Jr 

Most people want salvation, but they don’t want to be converted.  We want to convert others, but I’m convinced we need to focus on converting ourselves more than anyone else.  DNA, processes, church models, and expressions of the church are what pastors talk about today, but the sleeping giant that really isn’t addressed is culture.  Some are becoming acquainted with the idea of the Gospel of the Kingdom.  It’s the idea that God is at work transforming people, communities, infrastructures, all things, the world included.  It works because “kingdom culture” transcends all cultures and can be inserted within any culture and can produce followers of Jesus where the citizens, though different in tribe, race, background, are similar in character and life.  But, that really isn’t happening, at least on a large scale.  Some want the gospel of “salvation” where they get their ticket to heaven punched.  Some want the gospel of “religion” where they follow the traditions of their ancestors.  Some want “church” where they have some friends and it’s limited to a weekly service.  Yet, this is not the church that was in Acts or Paul’s epistles. Read more

Blog: World Changers Are Not Dreamers but Jesus Followers

By Jill Roberts

We were created by God, and God is love. Passion is a result of love and though it is expressed in varying degrees, passion is at the core of every person’s identity. When passion is ignited, the desire for movement follows. If we are all created with a sense of passion that has potential to spark movement, why isn’t the world changing at the rate of degrees earned or visions cast? How could we settle for coasting through life, comfortably aware of calamity that we have the resources to alleviate? Read more


by Bob Roberts Jr.

Recently I was with a small group from the US in a meeting with faith and government leaders from a different country; we had to meet in a nearby nation due to security concerns. It was an incredible time of meeting others, hearing stories, listening to desires of what the future could be, and then mapping out some strategies of moving forward on how to bridge gaps between people of different faiths.  Everyone came to the meeting somewhat curious but also tenuous about the “others”, but by the second day people were laughing, sharing stories, later they were talking about their families and by the final day many were inviting their new friends to come visit their homes and stay with their families.  One of the projects we did while we met was to study our sacred texts as to what they taught about peace in the world.  As we Christians looked at all our Scripture, they were full of admonitions to peace as well as how Jesus is the “Prince of Peace.”  As a matter of fact, in the New Testament there was nothing where Jesus or the Apostles ever were instructed to take up arms or come against another nation or people, but they were instructed to put them down. Read more