Leadership Team

The team has the experience and understanding to engage global leaders.  Leveraging the practical success achieved by NorthWood Church with new and innovative approaches, they are able to assist partners achieve sustainable results.

Our team includes:


Dr. Bob Roberts

Dr. Roberts is the Founder, Senior Leader, and Chief Spokesman for  His primary focus is connecting leaders and establishing relationships to create transformation.  He is the founding Senior Pastor of NorthWood Church near Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX.   As the leading practitioner and writer on glocal transformation of individuals, religious communities, non-governmental organizations, cities and nations, Bob has worked extensively in Vietnam, Afghanistan, West Bank and Gaza, Indonesia, Syria, Belize, Egypt, Turkey, Kenya, Nigeria, Europe, Australia, Iraq, Iran and other countries.  Pastor Roberts has been called upon by the United Nations and various State Departments around the world to assist with humanitarian and reconciliation projects. He works with leaders from different religious backgrounds to promote greater understanding and to assist with engagement projects.


Omar Reyes

Mr. Reyes is the Director of Glocal Impact at NorthWood Church in Keller, TX. Omar equips members to use their job to engage the domains of society, including government, business, medical and others to see radical transformation. Mr. Reyes also directs NorthWood Church Planting, which has trained church planters from across the nation and helped established more than 170 churches.