The Story

Twenty seven years ago, Bob Roberts founded NorthWood Church in Keller, Texas, on a vision of a church for the world from Psalm 2:8.  Since then, NorthWood Church has mobilized thousands of its members to work locally and globally (glocally), primarily in the DFW Metroplex; Puebla, Mexico; and Hanoi, Vietnam. NorthWood helps its members use their vocations to serve and live out their faith in the global public square.


As NorthWood grew, so did the opportunities to work throughout the world, resulting in the opportunity to work in places and ways unavailable to most churches.  Unique to NorthWood has been its efforts with the United Nations, invitations to participate in geo-political campaigns, and God’s opening of closed doors in many different countries. was formed as a non-profit organization to facilitate the global impact began by Pastor Roberts and NorthWood Church. accomplishments include:


  • Organized and led Global Collaboration Communities (GCCs) involving leaders representing church planting networks that have started more than 21,000 churches and from 165 countries.
  • Participation in the United Nation’s Nyon Project.
  • Humanitarian/geo-political projects in Gaza, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, West Bank, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq.
  • Invited and granted permission to pursue delicate projects throughout the Middle East.
  • Frequent speaking engagements hosted by International State Departments including those from Switzerland, Iraq, Vietnam, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, West Bank, India and the US.