I watched on the news today as the story was told about a senior living center where a lady needed CPR, was in pain – the people wouldn’t provide it because it wasn’t a part of their “plan” and they could be “sued” so they let the lady die.

I watched on the news a couple of months back about a young lifeguard who was fired because he saved someone’s life by rescuing them from drowning who wasn’t in the direct area he was responsible for.

It is amazing to me, how easily we abdicate responsibility in the name of law, process, negative consequences, or for fear of what our “own” will do to us if we reach out, help, or try to make a difference. A couple of years ago I was in Syria and with a young man, and he kept referring to us as “human beings” and “brothers and sisters in humanity”. He was doing all he could, to find some title, some way of addressing us that made us closer, connected, and responsible for one another. We couldn’t say brothers in Christ, or fellow Texans – so what could he say?

We have a responsibility to one another to connect, relate, and work together in the world whether we are the same race, tribe, religion, creed – it doesn’t matter. This is one of the key reasons we are doing the Global Faith Forum.  YES, you will hear world leaders from all over the globe.  YES, there will be people of every conceivable religion. YES, there will be people there that take totally opposite positions from one another. YES, there will be opportunities not just to hear people talk, but connect, hang out, and even do projects together if you so choose.

WHY? Because where else can you go as an evangelical and meet people like this. Have you ever wondered how slanted your view is because you hear only from your own tribe or your favorite authors? Do you remember the first time you read someone that rocked your world, challenged the way you thought? Gave you a new paradigm of what the world, faith, and God was like?

GREAT! SOOOOOO – are you ready to grow again? Are you ready to be challenged? Are you ready to be open to new ways of seeing things? Are you ready to grow in your faith because you are meeting people and hearing something you never would have thought of before?

WHAT?? Do you really want a world like our US Congress and President right now? They can’t listen, work together – they are so polarized they are hurting us due to “politics”. That simply isn’t workable for the world today. We must connect, we must learn from each other, we must respect each other – yet hold on to the core of our faith and conviction.

DID YOU KNOW THEY WANT TO MEET YOU??? Most people of other religions in the U.S. and outside the U.S. see evangelicals as war mongers – not saying it’s right or wrong – just saying that’s their perception. Most non-Christians see evangelicals as loving Jews and hating everyone else. Most non-Christians see evangelicals as disconnected from the world, self-appointed saviors, or as “religion product management” for global work. Not saying I agree with that at all – not saying I like it – I am an evangelical – I’m saying I want to change that. They don’t think there are many like you. I’m telling them there are. So you want to reach the world for Jesus? Great – do you know the “world” that has moved in around you? Are you friends with those people? Can you ask them questions and build a relationship? This is what we are about – it’s why I wrote Bold As Love come on evangelicals, let’s let people see the kingdom at work all around them . . . . Let’s love, serve, share . . . . and, something really new – listen and learn!

Bob Roberts

Bob Roberts

Bob is the founder, senior leader, and chief spokesman for . His primary focus is to connect leaders and estabish relationships to explore transformation. Follow Bob on Twitter at @bobrobertsjr.