Tomorrow from 2pm to 9pm at the Dallas Convention Center there will be a gathering of thousands of Muslims, Christians, Jews, and ever tying else you can imagine at the Waves of Unity event.  It is being sponsored by the Deen Institute of North America which my friend Mr. Al-Amin is a part of.  They are expecting thousands. 

After 9-11 the Dallas Morning News and many news stations followed him to see what it was like being a Muslim in Dallas.  He is a very prominent businessman nationally and decided to use his resources and networks to connect Muslims tighter with general Americans to build bridges of understanding – so has been involved in work like that ever since. 

The cost is $25 but if someone doesn’t have the money they will let them in anyhow.  I will be speaking along with John Esposito of Georgetown – the preeminent scholar on Islam.  John has consulted with current and past US and other global administrations on Islam and how to respond globally.  His books are bestsellers not just nationally but internationally as well.  He speaks at 6:15pm.  Sheik Hamza Yusuf will speak at 8pm – he is a southern Californian imam from Holland and is supposed to be brilliant.  I look forward to meeting him.

I’ll be speaking at 4:25pm.  I will talk about “Bold as Love” what faith in the 21st century looks like – using my soon to be released book.  There will be break outs as well if you want to know more on some of the hot topics.  3pm my friend Imam Zia will speak on what Jihad is about.  Nicole Queen will speak at 6pm on women’s rights, and at 7pm Omar Suleiman will speak on Sharia law.  There will also be an art gallery. 

Sunday at Northwood Church – our worship is 9:30am & 11am I will briefly interview John Esposito during my sermon.

I’m constantly emailed and called by pastors across the country who are nervous about connecting but see the need and want a safe place to put their foot in the water – this is a safe place for that.  I encourage all evangelicals that havea heart for Muslims to come.  You can meet people, ask questions and build relationships. 

We can fund people to go around the world and represent us as evangelicals – but if we don’t love them right where we live, we undercut that.  If jumping in the water is too fear, then wade out – this is a good spot –

Bob Roberts

Bob Roberts

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