1.  Connect with the rest of the world:
Our “methods” aren’t working.
Our “pride” demands that we connect so that we can be humble learners.
The church really is global now.  Really, it is . . . no joke . . .  we are not alone in the U.S.  Really!

2.  Love people more than the church:
Yes, the church is the people.  The problem is we focus more on the institution than the constituents. 
The church is a reflection of the disciples being made – make disciples and serve people.

3.  Rediscover God:
No revival came out of a church growth movement – but revival has produced church growth.
No revival came out of church planting – but church planting came out of revival.
Get on your face before God and pray – ask him to reveal himself to you.
Spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, meditation, Scripture reading aren’t niceties but necessities.

4.  Let new believers and young people shape the form of the church more than yesteryear – or yester-century.

Bob Roberts

Bob Roberts

Bob is the founder, senior leader, and chief spokesman for . His primary focus is to connect leaders and estabish relationships to explore transformation. Follow Bob on Twitter at @bobrobertsjr.


Phil Ogilvie

I smell and New book coming… I’ll read it Bob.

francis cloete

I think your point is all on the mark, but one is still missing that I think drives the church to the ultimate of serving. persecution. I have studies these points in one of my research projects and saw almost all of the as you have them, but persecution – making the church not be able to function. is the ultimate way of letting it become new.


Prayer and fasting is always a staple. God is best heard in the silence. Silence consists of a lack of sound. It’s like a blank page waiting for writing. When you fast, you clear out some of the clutter inside of you because your initial wants and self-interests can get in the way of God’s voice. Clear that up a bit and you allow God to speak to you. And that’s when prayer is effective.
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Dave Krik


I thought I remembered seeing more points in this article. I hope there were. This is causing quite a stir in our church. Thank you Bob for writing down some thoughts. Weren’t there originally 12 points?

old friend