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Can you reach seekers and be missional? Yes. Reaching seekers is missional! The challenge is how do you communicate to seekers, change their perceptions of God and church, help them find Jesus, and then help them understand we’ve been called to community to together live out the Kingdom. For those of you beginning on the journey, let me give you some simple things you can do to begin the transition. You don’t have to preach on it every Sunday. As a matter of fact, that is key, but if that’s all you do, it won’t be missional—it will be missions.

First, always, always, always have the “missional” elements present in your worship. Yesterday, we presented our new members from our last new member’s class. There was a 2-minute edgy video about T-Life on interactive relationship with God, transparent connections, and glocal impact. We then had people come forward and we prayed over them to be “missionaries” wherever they were. We commission our planters when they go out. We pray for teams when they are heading overseas. We recognize people that are doing local projects. One Sunday not long ago, so many things were going on, but we acknowledged them in different ways. It wasn’t a “missions” Sunday, but everything about it was “missions.” A visitor came up to me at the end of the service and said, “I’ve been here the past month. I’ve never seen a church where so many people are doing so much outside their church. How do you do this?” This person, by the way, was not a believer. Keep in mind, people seeking Christ want to see Him at work.

Second, when you preach, make your people the heroes. Always have an illustration or something in your sermon that will fit in about how someone is involved in something that is making a big difference. Or, a story about someone overcoming something and how God is using that person to? ? ?

Third, sing a lot about going, loving, following, serving. Too often, our songs of worship are directed at “me,” and how I feel about Jesus. That’s good, but it’s not enough. Jordan wrote this song I love called “Make My Life a Bridge.” Maybe sing that song and have people imagine who the people are for whom they are a bridge or a ministry that “bridges” to others.

Fourth, when you take up the offering, talk about specifics that people are funding for “missional” outreach. They need to see the correlation between what they give and what is happening.

Fifth, have a column or announcements in the bulletin about “missional” opportunities every week in which people can get involved.

Please keep in mind this is just a starting point. Doing these things in no way assures you will be “missional,” but they will begin to help turn your ship in that direction.

Bob Roberts

Bob Roberts

Bob is the founder, senior leader, and chief spokesman for . His primary focus is to connect leaders and estabish relationships to explore transformation. Follow Bob on Twitter at @bobrobertsjr.



GREAT article… before we left our home church and went to the mission field… this is something that I tried to do when I worked with our Sr. Pastor and the preaching staff.

Bob Roberts

Father, be with my little brother Aaron – fill his bag full to match the vision that you’ve given him.

Aaron Snow

I’ve been in Vegas for the past five days. I sit in meetings and find myself telling everyone about Northwood and the various things you guys do all over the country and world. This blog is evidence of everything i’ve been sharing with these guys! I’ve learned some things from Northwood that i will take with me forever. As i travel around the U.S. and mention things that Northwood does all over the country and the world people look at me like i’m crazy. It’s as if they are shocked and haven’t ever heard of a church that does what you guys do in terms of missional living, etc. I’m blessed. Thanks man!



Thanks for the post. Having joined in with a church planting team recently to start a missional church in East Tennessee, you have wonderful advice here. I’ll be sure to visit here frequently.