Blog: What Planting a Church in a Global City is Teaching Me About Religious Freedom

By Daniel Yang, Senior Pastor of Trinity Life Church, Toronto

In January 2013 my wife, children, and I moved to downtown Toronto to start a church to reflect a city that has two story lines simultaneously at play. Toronto’s a mega-city in North America that claims the title of being the most ethnically diverse city in the world. This is a city where literally East meets West and a twin generation is born. One twin looks like a native-born Canadian that can’t make sense of a 19th century-style church. The other twin looks like a 2nd generation immigrant born into the trappings of Western comfort without its Christian roots. The twins have grown up sharing the same urban home, but without a common identity. Insert us, Trinity Life Church, a new church trying to bridge the gap with the message of Jesus and the Bible. Read more

Blog: Love like He did

by Jill King

Accepting the call to follow Christ is accompanied with a standard to live by. The Christian life means that our purpose is to usher in the glory of God while we are on earth by loving others. We study the life of Jesus, and seek to emulate the passion and love He extended to every person He interacted with. It is critical that we hold ourselves to a standard of holiness and righteousness because it draws us close to the father and allows him to work in and through our faithfulness to serve him.

We represent Christ in the way we live our lives, not through our own strength but by allowing Him to dwell in us and become the overflow of our hearts.  We also know that it is God’s grace that saves us, not our actions. If we seek to live like Jesus, why does it seem difficult for us to love like him?  We might strive to live a righteous life according to the law, cautiously presenting ourselves to the world, but if we are perceived as legalistic and even cold, then we are not living in accordance to the scripture.

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