by Bob Roberts Jr.

This morning I was tweeting some encouragement to young pastors and faith leaders and strongly sensed God telling me to stop tweeting, and write a blog for you.  I know many of you and have been with many of you in your 20’s and early 30’s a lot the past few weeks and I am so encouraged by what I see in you.  I know you have a lot of questions as you move forward.  The church is at a major shift and everyone is saying it’s this way or that, this model or that, this theological framework or that – but let me remind you, first and foremost – it is just as you began your walk with Jesus – it is Jesus at the crux of it all.  If Jesus is not at the crux of all you see and do, then you’ll become bitter, angry, throwing stones, trashing others, building your kingdom, and missing all that God has for.  By the way, you can grow a big “ministry” and it not be God’s.  Business and marketing techniques are such that you really do not need the Holy Spirit anymore, let alone preach the cross.  Learn from the business books along with sociology, history, trends, literature, you need to be sharp – but you’re a part of something supernatural and eternal, not mechanical and merely organizational.

Don’t be discouraged by people saying the world is messed up – when has it not been?  What a time of adventure to live!  Many who say this have not lived through the times prior to the global shifts like the American and ultimately many global revolutions, the Civil War, WWI, and WWII.  I believe we are living in a time like that right now.   Read more


by Bob Roberts Jr.

The racial issues that divide us, and the hate that pervades us based on race and religion will be our downfall – not because it’s new – but because we as evangelicals are denying the very Gospel we say that we believe in.  While global followers of Jesus are going to prison and losing their lives for their love of Jesus and the ability to spread the Good News, we are filled with hate, just like those that persecute Jesus followers around the world.  Isn’t the Gospel (Good news of Jesus) different?  Aren’t we supposed to be different?  For a man without Jesus to act in hate and fear is nothing new nor unexpected, but the power of the Gospel (good news of Jesus) is that we as evangelicals (we believe in the complete authority and inspiration of the Bible and the humanity and divinity of Jesus) are not driven by that – if anything we are freed from that.  If the Gospel truly is our only hope, then we need to let it work and be out front driving hate and fear back, instead of the broader society in front of the church challenging her to catch up.  Read more