by Bob Roberts, Jr.

This morning I got up, prayed, read Scripture, prayed some more, journaled, and reflected a lot about where I was this day 20 years ago.  I called my Mom this morning to wish her Happy Birthday – she’s 79.  I asked her if she remembered where I was today 20 years ago, she did.  I was landing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for the very first time.  I was nervous.  There were very few westerners there then and even less Americans.  It was 1995 and I had never been there before.  All I knew of Vietnam growing up was hearing about the Vietnam war in the news my entire childhood and teen years.  I remembered having to sign up for the draft like all young men and wondered if I’d have to go.  Now here I was, a place where American was humbled.  As the plane arrived I sat on the runway that Americans had built and a huge airport they had also built.  Runways, jet hangers, buildings – all past reminders of a war. Read more


by Bob Roberts, Jr.

Moses was the least likely to be used to not only deliver a people but establish a nation.   First, a baby, then a Jew, then a murderer, then the wilderness – but everything that has happened is preparation for victory.  Notice – and this is huge – he’s in and out of the wilderness all his life.  We have a false view of the wilderness – it’s that we’ve obeyed God, figured it out, and never have to walk in the desert heat without food and water again.  Moses’ life defies that – he’s in and out of the wilderness.  He doesn’t make it in his human life to the Holy Land.

Once the Jews enter the promised land – it’s a mess of following God and not.  They don’t just build a golden calf and that’s it, once in the Holy Land they wind up doing the exact thing God warns them not to do and worship the idols and gods of the Canaanites, and as a result they face judgment.  They’re at war most of the time, they’re occupied for huge stretches . . . it has to do with if they follow God or not.  Just getting to the promised land didn’t promise “blessed” life, they had to live God’s way. Read more